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Flange sealing principle. Bolt the two sealing surfaces each other kneading flange gasket and sealing applicable to pressure slightly higher occasions; tongue and groove sealing surface such as centrifugal flange belongs to casting flange of a. Centrifugal flange is a precision casting method, which is also known as flange connection. In the two plane in the vicinity of the use of bolts connected to the same time and close the connection part of the high precision, low surface roughness. Carbon steel flange and low pressure flange must be matched with the use of. The two piece of flange plate is provided with a sealing pad, which is suitable for middle and low pressure pipeline. In the high pressure of the work of the pipeline would like to link the two do not connect with the track found that the crack flange than the normal high flange hardness of the normal case of forging flange often use water quench treatment. Flange (carbon steel / stainless steel / alloy steel) professional production enterprises in Hebei Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is your best partner hours sales hotline welcome to visit us. In order to eliminate the worries about the quality of products in different places. The rolling flange is cut into strips by using the middle plate. Under normal circumstances, the forging flange is often used in water quenching treatment. Forging flange connection is the two pipe, or equipment, such as nickel alloy.

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