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Spiral Idler

Spiral Idler


Summary of Conveyor System Roller Size

1).Pipe diameter(mm): 60, 63, 76, 89, 108, 133, 159,176,194,219

2).Shaft diameter(mm):20, 25, 30, 35, 40,45,50

3).Bearing size: 6204, 6205, 6206, 6207,6305, 6306, 6307, 6308,6309,6310,6311,6312,6313

4).Bearing Housing type: pressed housing, cast iron bearing housing, polymer housing

5).Seal: Multiple labyrinth seal, Waterproof, dustproof, corrosion resistance


Performance and Features of conveyor idler rollers

(1) Ultrahigh abrasion resistance and anti-adherence effect, less coefficient of friction, belt service life can be extended 1 to 2 times

(2) Free-maintenance.

(3) Flame resistance, anti-static, aging resistance and corrosion resistance.

(4) High mechanical strength.

(5) Seal is free from leak, low noise,little revolution resistance,uniformed running and longer operating life.

(6) More working temperature (below 100 degree).

(7) Light weight, easy to installation.

(8) Safety and healthy, can be used for food and medicine material.

Production capacity: as usual 100000 pieces/ week and urgent order is acceptable.

conveyor roller,idler used in coal mining industry, cement industry, power plants and ports.



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