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With seam welded elbow, including two cases, one is welded pipe used in the manufacture of welded elbow, for butt welding elbow manufacturing factory, the forming process of welded pipe and using seamless pipe forming process is basically the same, butt welding elbow forming process does not include welding process; another is by butt welding elbow factory complete butt welding elbow forming the required welding process, such as monolithic press and assembly welding elbow, after rolling steel plate welded into a tube and repression of the three links, and so on.

Welding method of butt welding elbow are commonly used in manual arc welding, gas welding and automatic welding etc..

Victoria fittings manufacturer shall prepare welding process rules to guide the welding work, and should in accordance with the requirements of the corresponding standard of welding procedure qualification, to verify the welding process specification and correctness of welder qualification welding ability.


In butt welding elbow welding welder examination by the quality and technology supervision department and obtain the corresponding qualification certificate may engage in relevant steel welding work in accordance with the provisions of some of the industry's inscription for industry welding butt welding elbow to get industry regulations of welders and welding procedure qualification, such as ship butt welding elbow welding to obtain corresponding classification society of welders and welding procedure qualification).

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